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Upload times out

Postby clenzo » Tue Feb 06, 2007 5:08 am

I did a clean install of Roster 1.7.2, and UU is running 2.5.0. My Guild Profiler and Character profiler are 2.0.4, PVPlog 2.3.5.

Whenever I try to use UU to upload to Roster, it times out tryto upload.

If I upload manually, the Upload only takes seconds.

I was hoping that I could get pointed in the right direction, I couldn't find a solution on the boards, but I could have missed it.

The debug log is as follows.
[2007/02/06 01:06:19] Uploading to Primary URL...: http://wow.refugeegamers.com/roster/update.php
[2007/02/06 01:06:19] CharacterProfiler.lua - 82% Compressed. Upload Size: 24.21 KB
[2007/02/06 01:06:19] PvPLog.lua - 61% Compressed. Upload Size: 0.42 KB
[2007/02/06 01:06:19] GuildProfiler.lua - 35% Compressed. Upload Size: 0.12 KB
[2007/02/06 01:06:19] GroupCalendar.lua - 73% Compressed. Upload Size: 0.96 KB
[2007/02/06 01:07:59] Upload Error: The operation has timed-out.

Any help would be much appreciated. I know that others in our guild are having the same issue.
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