UniAdmin [0.7.5] Released

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UniAdmin [0.7.5] Released

Postby zanix » Fri Feb 16, 2007 10:33 am

I have slaved over a hot computer for the last few months to give you UniAdmin v0.7.5

There have been so many changes in this version, so please read the Change Log

Here are some highlights
  • Version 0.7.5 will not upgrade v0.7.0
    PLEASE completely remove your uniadmin directory from your server before uploading this

  • Massive overhaul of addon upload handling
    Every addon I tested (not including UI packs with many, many addons in them) uploaded 100% correctly, thanks to Zajsoft

  • Add WoWAce addons from the UA interface
    There is now a module to grab addons from the wowace.com SVN
    Thanks Zeryl

  • Massive interface look and feel changes
    Finally moved every piece of html code out of the php code and into the templates

  • Added installer
    Now it's easy to install UniAdmin
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