WowRoster 1.7.3 Upgrade and missing database indexes

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WowRoster 1.7.3 Upgrade and missing database indexes

Postby Fangorn » Sat Feb 24, 2007 12:24 am

If you've been upgrading your roster for a few releases like I have, you might be suffering from the same issue.

Roster 1.7.3 adds primary keys to a number of tables to improve performances, however it seems that in older releases of the roster, four of those tables contained duplicate entries.
This prevents the creation of the indexes in 1.7.3 since the index is unique, however the installation does not report it so you won't see a difference (except poor performances on the character page). You will need to check your database manually to make sure the indexes are there.

You should have PRIMARY indexes for the 4 following tables:


If you can't see your indexes, the quick and dirty fix is (replace roster_ with your roster prefix):

1/ delete everything in the tables:
delete from roster_spellbook;
delete from roster_spellbooktree;
delete from roster_talents;
delete from roster_talenttree;

2/ Create the indexes:
ALTER TABLE `roster_spellbook`
ADD PRIMARY KEY (`member_id`,`spell_name`,`spell_rank`);
ALTER TABLE `roster_spellbooktree`
ADD PRIMARY KEY (`member_id`,`spell_type`);
ALTER TABLE `roster_talents`
ADD PRIMARY KEY (`member_id`,`tree`,`row`,`column`);
ALTER TABLE `roster_talenttree`
ADD PRIMARY KEY (`member_id`,`tree`);

This won't break/empty your roster: the character pages just won't display any talents or spells, and the missing talents and spells will be reprovisioned when your guildmates upload their lua files.

The clean fix would be to write a script to delete the duplicate rows in the tables but I'm too lazy to write it :P

- Fang
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