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French localisation update

Postby aniodon » Sun Feb 25, 2007 1:59 am

The first aid localisation for frFR has changed some times ago, I didn't find anything for MadeBy that has been done for that, not well searched?

Anyway, :

change in localisation.php :

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$wordings['frFR']['admin']['Secourisme'] = 'Secourisme|Voulez vous autoriser le Secourisme à Ãªtre affiché ?'

to :
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$wordings['frFR']['admin']['Premiers soins'] = 'Premiers soins|Voulez vous autoriser le Secourisme à Ãªtre affiché ?'

The database table for madeby must be changed too, to change the 'Secourisme' value to 'Premiers soins'

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