Upload Issues

Roster modified to work with multiple guilds, or characters with no guild
WoWRoster v2.0.0 and later now includes this feature

Upload Issues

Postby Jdtigg » Wed Feb 28, 2007 6:30 pm


I am running the WoWRoster v 1.7.1. And have it configured and running just fine on my site.

Now when I go to upload the CP.lua (which I just downloaded a new one from RPGOutfitters, and made sure the cp.lua and gp.lua in my WTF folder has been deleted and redid a new scan) comes up with this:

NOT Updating character [Character]
Data is from CharacterProfiler v
The version of CharacterProfiler used to capture data for this character is older than the minimum version allowed for upload.
Please ensure you are running at least v2.0.0 and have logged onto this character and saved data using this version.
Could not update "". Maybe its not set in configuration?

Now in other post it states to update to the newest roster, etc, but this is for the public roster, when I updated to the other roster, of course, it brought me to a single roster, not able to do multiples (and of course ran just fine)

So....any ideas about how to resolve this until 1.7.3 arrives?
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