Different Abbreviations for different languages

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Different Abbreviations for different languages

Postby Efryse » Thu Mar 01, 2007 6:07 pm


I edited the german version to show different abbreviations than in the orignal version, i.e. Arkatraz instead of Arcatraz.

The problem I ran in was the names being used in the deDE.php (frFR.php, enUS.php) and in membersinstBC.php.

memberinstBC.php is the same for all languages so that it seems difficult to get different labels for each version.

I put the code-area with the lockpicking-skills (where the keylabels are) from memberinstBC.php in each language file and deleted it in the memberinstBC.php. The only thing to do to get your own columntitles for the keys is to edit the language file. The localization.php also had to be edited because it loaded every localization file (deDE.php, frFR.php and enUS.php) so that the defined names are not overwritten. I did this by changing the three include_once to only one bye using the following code:
Code: Select all

At last I changed the index.php to show the correct page title in the browser an did some small fixes in the localization files so that they should work for horde an alliance.

These files are only tested for german client and alliance. But I hope it works for everyone.

The work I did is attached here. Feel free to edit to get you own short-names for the keys or use full names if you like to. This version should work for every language, but only the german version is different to the original because english seems to be fine and my french uh.. je ne parle pas francais ;)

If you want to edit the titles, edit your language file in the lang-folder. You can replace Kara with Karazhan, but you have to do it everywhere it shows up except for the questnames.
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Different Abbreviations for different languages

Postby Medheb » Mon Mar 05, 2007 11:35 am

Perfect! Had problems with all other versions posted around here and this not only worked right out of the box, but it also seems more dynamic. Thanks for your work!
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