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german translation

Postby trell » Sat Mar 24, 2007 6:56 pm

The last thing that I'd really love to see before releasing the new looty is some assistance with the translation of the following into german:

Code: Select all
    'Search for an item'
    '@@1@@ Guild Bank' 
    'any quality'     
    'min level:' 
    'max level:'
    'balance for @@1@@:'
    'overall balance:' 
    'item name'   
    'List of items currently held in the guild bank for @@1@@ of the @@2@@ realm.' 
    'Below is listed the contents of the guild bank for <b>@@1@@</b>.'
    'Please contact <b>@@1@@</b> with any questions.' 
    'No items found for @@1@@'
    'Matching items held by <b>@@1@@</b>'
    'Matching all items in the guild bank' 
    'Search for an item or list by category:'
    'list all items in the bank'
    '(Last updated at @@1@@)' 

The @@1@@ and @@2@@ are used as placeholders for various things which are substituted into the string (gold amounts, guild names, etc).

Sadly my german is er, rather lacking (I can order beer, find a bathroom and reliably get myself into trouble) so I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out.


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