Parsing files

With this addon you'll be able to view planned events from GuildEventManager or GroupCalendar

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Parsing files

Postby snakou » Thu Mar 29, 2007 4:33 pm

after having to install Event Calendar I do not arrive has to update information on my site .
I obtien always the same eror

Parsing files

Error while parsing GuildEventManager2 after 0 seconds

you can help me has to solve this problem?
thank you for your assistance
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Parsing files

Postby tuigii » Fri Mar 30, 2007 2:41 pm

Did you run the "Install part" - If I can remember well, some tables have to be created for this Add ON initialy.

Are these tables present:

My directory structure : "EventCalendar"
One sub-folder : "img", which has one sub-sub-folder :"icons"

And did you edit the conf.php file ??
I have
Code: Select all
// What calendar will you be updating -- GEM or GroupCalendar
   $addon_conf['EventCalendar']['UpdateMode'] = 'GEM';

//Every1 in guild can update the calendar if set to true, if set to false then it will look at EventUpdaters
   $addon_conf['EventCalendar']['UpdateAll'] = true;

//Characters that can update the events
   $addon_conf['EventCalendar']['EventUpdaters'] = array(
//Channels that can be updated (GEM only)
   $wordings['EventCalendar']['Channels'] = array(

// Show eventicon or not -- true or false
   $addon_conf['EventCalendar']['ShowIcon'] = true;

(I use GEM 2.24-3 - and so the GuildEventManager.lua file to upload).

Be carefull : for GEM use you have to add your 'correct' Guild name !!!!
Mine is in the example : papyteam (easy, no accents, no spaces in my case).

When uploading, the roster settings permit to triggger the Add On that want to receivce one ?

Of you go, checking :thumleft:
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Parsing files

Postby snakou » Fri Mar 30, 2007 6:06 pm

I included/understood anything, I must edit conf.php?
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