2. How do I put that autostart-link on my Homepage?

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2. How do I put that autostart-link on my Homepage?

Postby lhunath » Tue Apr 03, 2007 9:31 am

You've got a cool link that automatically starts jUniUploader without needing to install it. How do I put one like that on my guild's homepage?

The best way for you to do that is by making a link directly to my JNLP file.

JNLP files are basically a little script used by Java to download and start a program from the web. If you want to use my JNLP file, make a link to http://lhunath.lyndir.com/jUniUploader/jUniUploader.jnlp.

You can also download the JNLP file and make some modifications if you wish, or host it yourself. Though that's not as reliable or advicable. If you link to mine, your link will keep working should I need to change something about that script at some point.

Your webserver needs to send the correct mime-type for the JNLP file. If it doesn't, some webbrowsers might not know what to do with it, and just display it as a text file or ask the user to save it somewhere (infamous download dialog).

Refer to this thread for information on setting the correct mime-type:

The JNLP file can contain an optional entry like this inside the <resources> tag:
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<property name="uniadmin" value="http://androgynous-guild.com/roster/uniadmin/interface.php" />

The URL specified in the value attribute of this tag is the URL to your guild's uniadmin that will automatically be used when jUniUploader is started with this JNLP file. This is very useful for autoconfiguring your guild's jUniUploader. It means your guildies will have to do *nothing* to make it work, and just click the link; and have it autoconfigure itself.
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