3. The System Tray Icon won't show and links won't load!

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3. The System Tray Icon won't show and links won't load!

Postby lhunath » Tue Apr 03, 2007 10:35 am

I've read that jUniUploader can use the system tray but it won't work with me! I can't click the web links either! What's going on?

Some features in jUniUploader are not cross-platform compatible, like Java is. To support them anyway, I've used the Java Desktop API, which means you need to have at least Java 6 installed. Also, you should make sure that if you've got several java versions installed at once, that jUU is indeed using Java 6 (have it set as the default Java VM).

Apart from Java 6, there is a secondary requirement for this. Not all platforms are supported. Currently, this feature should work under Windows XP and up, Linux and Mac OSX.

The Linux support is however a little more complicated than that for the other platforms because Linux offers so many choices. The most popular Desktop Environments in Linux are KDE and GNOME. Java uses the GNOME libraries to start weblinks. This means you should have libgnome-2 installed on your system, no matter what Desktop Environment you're using. This also means, you need to configure your default browser in the gnome settings; not the KDE settings, or whatever other DE you're using.
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