[Request] Intergration/3rd party addon for TitanCritLine

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[Request] Intergration/3rd party addon for TitanCritLine

Postby CK2069 » Tue Apr 10, 2007 12:03 am

Hi, i was wondering if there are anyone that can make this 3rd party addon or if it could be intergrated as a part of the main WoW Addon and WoWRoster.

What i would like to have:
All the info collected from TitanCritLine (or similar) displayed on the Roster site, ether from data collected in the Profiler file or an other file (like the PvPLog file) and the Crit records for all attacks and the Normal dmg records for all attacks can be found for anyone that have uploaded their data.

Anyone able to do this?
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