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[REQUEST] jUniUploader languages.

Postby lhunath » Sun Apr 29, 2007 9:39 am

Anyone willing to devote a few hours of their less useful hours (at work, while listening to a nagging girlfriend, while waiting for that torrent to finish, ...) to translating jUniUploader to one of the languages they master is happily invited to do so.

I will outline the process here.

Basically, all you do is take the fallback language file 'Defaults.properties' and copy that to 'Defaults_XX.properties' where XX represents the two-letter code of your language (en, fr, de, nl, ..). Note: This has to be lower-case! No FR'ing or CH'ing, just fr or ch, or whatever obscure tongue you master.

When you've copied the file, open your brand new copy and just translate every sentence followed by an equals sign.

Here's an example:

Suppose your copy contains the line:
Code: Select all
err.downloadIO=Couldn't download the ZIP for %s\!

Simply change it into something reflecting your language:
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err.downloadIO=Where the FR%$* did %s's ZIP go?\!

Catch the drift? Good! Now get started!

Languages covered:

  • English (International)
  • Dutch (Belgian, should anyone be able to tell the difference.)

Here is the file that you need to translate:
Also translate this file:

jUniUploader is forever in debt to your service;

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