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[REQUEST] Feature Requests

Postby lhunath » Tue Jun 24, 2008 12:34 pm

The ADDVAR* things are configured in the Post Variables box in the upload configurations. I'm aware there's no edit button for those yet; just a remove and add button; so if you want to change uniadmin settings you have to remove the current one and add it again with additional Post Variables added to it. The Post Variables you'd have to add would be username=foo and password=blah.

That's how it is now; I might be able to change this later; but remember that ADDVARNAME1 isn't always supposed to be a username. So I can't go adding a field that says username: [input box] where you enter a username and the same for password when ADDVARNAME1 for your upload configuration isn't supposed to be a username and password but something else (because you don't use DragonFly but some other CMS, for example). Anyway; I'll have to think of the best solution. In mean while; you now know how this is currently implemented ;p

Oh, and, my name's Lhunath, with an L, not a capital I ;)
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