Guild Greet Extended

Scans for, and displays main/alt relations in your Guild

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Guild Greet Extended

Postby dhugal » Wed May 30, 2007 8:12 pm

Hey just thought people might like to know that there an awesome addon that does a little sidebar notification when people log on or off in your guild, when they level or gain rank, or if they are new to the guild. You can optionally auto-greet/grats them on a click if you want.

A new author has picked up development of this addon and has implemented the ability to scan the roster notes to look for a "main" or "alt" note and auto-relate toons.

Really you just have to try it out to understand what it's doing, and again the roster scan part is beta, but it was done on my suggestion so that it might be AltMonitor/WoWroster compatible.

The addon link on Curse is

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