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German localisation

Postby knarf » Sun Jun 10, 2007 7:02 am

I was just installing roster here (German localisation) and found this roster addon.

I noticed immediateley it did not work because of a localisation problem. But I really wanted the resulting information! So I started to get familiar with the code (I hope you know how to apply a unified diff using patch):

diff -u missingrecipe.orig/localization.php ./localization.php
--- missingrecipe.orig/localization.php Sat Aug 26 14:30:24 2006
+++ ./localization.php Sat Jun 9 23:38:39 2007
@@ -23,12 +23,12 @@
$wordings['enUS']['failedretrieve'] = "Sorry, the query failed, and cannot determine what patterns are not known.";
$wordings['enUS']['profession'] = "Profession";

-$wordings['deDE']['missingrecipes_addon'] = 'Missing Recipes';
-$wordings['deDE']['mr_curlerror'] = "cURL could not be initialized, or is not installed.";
-$wordings['deDE']['unknownrecipes'] = "Unknown Recipes";
-$wordings['deDE']['professionunknown'] = "Sorry, this character does not know that profession, or knows no recipes at all.";
-$wordings['deDE']['failedretrieve'] = "Sorry, the query failed, and cannot determine what patterns are not known.";
-$wordings['deDE']['profession'] = "Profession";
+$wordings['deDE']['missingrecipes_addon'] = 'Rezept fehlt!';
+$wordings['deDE']['mr_curlerror'] = "cURL konnte nicht initialisiert werden, es ist vielleicht nicht installiert.";
+$wordings['deDE']['unknownrecipes'] = "Unbekannte Rezepte";
+$wordings['deDE']['professionunknown'] = "Sorry, dieser Charakter hat diesen Beruf nicht erlernt oder kennt davon nicht ein einziges Rezept.";
+$wordings['deDE']['failedretrieve'] = "Sorry, die Abfrage ist fehlgeschlagen, und es kann nicht herausgefunden werden, welche Suchmuster unbekannt sind.";
+$wordings['deDE']['profession'] = "Beruf";

$wordings['addoncredits']['missingrecipes'] = array(
array( "name"=> "Zeryl",

Then I found the same problem in missing.php as the french guy in the other thread here:

diff -u missingrecipe.orig/missing.php ./missing.php
--- missingrecipe.orig/missing.php Sat Aug 26 14:30:26 2006
+++ ./missing.php Sun Jun 10 00:31:24 2007
@@ -102,6 +102,8 @@

$id = nametoid($_GET[cnameadd]);

+$skill = $wordings[$roster_conf['roster_lang']][$skill];
$query = "select recipe_name from ".ROSTER_RECIPESTABLE." where member_id = '$id' and skill_name = '$skill';";

$results = $wowdb->query($query) or die_quietly($wowdb->error(),'Database Error',basename(__FILE__),__LINE__,$query);
@@ -224,4 +226,4 @@

But all this won't help to get it to work as expected, because the recipe date source is English only.

I'm thinking about spending more time into this idea. I'm familiar with coding at all, but avoided php all the time - I'm a perl fan. But reading and hacking that code was too easy to say just no because of philosphical reasons.

I think parsing html pages is out of date. It was never a good idea, so I'm happy to hear there is an XML frontend to I think this is the way this addon should go and I'm sure there are interfaces like this available for all languages.

Or - thinking about that because of using many WoW addons - it would make sense to use one of their databases in order to determine which recipe is unknown.

But this is just my brainstoming typed into that webform right now...

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