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Linking items to Allakhazam

Postby cyomega » Wed Jul 19, 2006 10:23 am

I noticed a bit of an annoyance when trying to use Allakhazam as the item links in GuildBank. Our guild uses AK median prices to determine item points, and I wanted a click on an item in GB to link to Alla, not Thott. Cue my PHP & Perl background -- I came up with a regexp that modifies the link search text. This basically removes the "of the XX", "of Sta/Int/Agi", etc. from the item name when used in the search link to Alla:

Code: Select all

Place that code on line 148 of guildbank.php (it replaces the $row['item_name'] bit), so the file will read:

Code: Select all
    // Item texture and quantity column
echo '    <td class="'.$stripe_class.'"><div class="item">'."\n";

$itmlinktext preg_replace('/\sof\s(the|)(\s|)(Frozen|Arcane|Fiery|Nature|Healing|Holy|Shadow|Spirit|Intellect|Strength|Stamina|Agility|Eagle|Whale|Owl|Monkey|Bear|Falcon|Wolf|Tiger|Gorilla|Boar|Power|Marksmanship|Defense|Concentration|Regeneration|(.*Resistance)).*$/','',$row['item_name']);
'<a href="'.$itemlink[$roster_conf['roster_lang']].urlencode(utf8_decode($itmlinktext)).'" target="_itemlink">'."\n".
'      <img src="'.$roster_conf['interface_url'].$item_texture.'.'.$roster_conf['img_suffix'].'" class="icon"'.' alt="'.utf8_decode($row['item_name']).'" /></a>';
    if( (
$row['total_quantity'] > 1) && ($itemRow['item_parent'] != 'bags') )
'<span class="quant">'.$row['total_quantity'].'</span>';

Hopefully the developers will find a way to integrate this into the next release =)
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Linking items to Allakhazam

Postby zanix » Thu Jul 20, 2006 3:41 am

This would need to be non-locale dependant to work well, or we'd have to keep a list of all these names in the locale files, which is a pain to keep updated
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Re: Linking items to Allakhazam

Postby Mathos » Sat Jul 22, 2006 6:07 am


Look in the <roster>/addons/guildbank/conf.php file. You can just flip a bit, and searches go to Alakazaam.

Code: Select all
////// ItemLink Site
// 1=Thottbot,
// 2=Allakhazam for 'enUS' and for 'deDE'.
$searchtype = 1;
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Linking items to Allakhazam

Postby bohni » Sat Oct 14, 2006 5:46 pm

Hello, I think, the link should no longer go on the items name and the search-function of the called site.

There is the items id, which is unique. This could be used for linking directly to the item:
leads to the same icon - german and english...

In the database is the entry

So the first number before the ":" should be used.

However, it seems, Thottbot uses different ids :-(

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