Cannot find Guild during upload:

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Cannot find Guild during upload:

Postby DeadlySinner » Wed Jun 20, 2007 7:40 pm

I am trying to get event calendar to run, but it seems to parse but does not upload anything. I saw several other posts here about that but none of those seemed to match exactly and even when I did try those solutions, I still have the same issue.

after I upload both the characterprofile.lua and groupcalendar.lua I get:
Parsing files

* Parsed CharacterProfiler in 0.01 seconds
* Parsed GroupCalendar in 0.01 seconds

Could not find guild in database. Please update members first.Updating Guild [Azeroth Elders]
Then it lists my guild members like it updated who is in the guild.
I know that my roster works - as we use it frequently.

I have changed the section in the conf.php to read as follows:
// What calendar will you be updating -- GEM or GroupCalendar
$addon_conf['EventCalendar']['UpdateMode'] = 'GroupCalendar';

//Every1 in guild can update the calendar if set to true, if set to false then it will look at EventUpdaters
$addon_conf['EventCalendar']['UpdateAll'] = true;

//Characters that can update the events
$addon_conf['EventCalendar']['EventUpdaters'] = array(
'Dragntougne', 'Dexster', 'Deandrena', 'Cometa', 'Willowynn', 'Wildena', 'Korrh', 'Arlemnia', 'Beles', 'Manhammer',

I am using roster v.1.7.3, Group Calendar v.3.2.3, CharacterProfiler 2.1.1

I have tried removing both the characterprofile.lua and groupcalendar.lua and recreating them. same thing. We do use a shared channel with two other guilds so I thought maybe that was it. I then removed the groupcalendar.lua and then loaded gc w/ just a few test runs for just our guild and tried to upload and got the same message.

I checked the database, nothing is being written to the database either for the events.

I am not sure also if it is because some of the people who can update are not in our guild? Does anyone know if Event Calendar is able to handle multi-guild setups?

If anyone has any suggestions I'd be more than happy to try them. Thank You.
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Cannot find Guild during upload:

Postby PoloDude » Wed Jun 20, 2007 8:15 pm

The addon supports what the roster supports, so no multiple guildupdates as far as i know.
About the error, strange that it give that, that would be rosterrelated and not event calendar as that doesn't do anything with the guildstuff
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