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Itemsets - roster 1.7.3 addon - Last updated 08/07/2007

This addon shows a list of all your guildmates above lvl 50 and which setitems of their class-sets they have :grin:

Example Itemsets

Download Itemsets

Supported sets:
Tier 0 - Dungeon Set 1 (Blackrock Spire ,Scholomance, Stratholm)
Tier 0.5 - Dungeon Set 2 (Quest Upgrades)
Tier 3.5 - Dungeon Set 3
Tier 1 (Molten Core)
Tier 2 (Molten Core, Onyxia's Lair and Blackwing Lair)
Tier 3 (Naxxramas)
Tier 4 Kara, Mag & Gruul
Tier 5
Arena 1 Rewards
Arena 2 Rewards
ZG (Quest Rewards Zandalar Tribe)
AQ20 (Quest Rewards Cenarion Circle)
AQ40 (Quest Rewards Brood of Nozdormu)
PVP Rare
PVP Epic

Multi-language support:
to enable it you have to change
$addon_conf['itemsets']['multilanguage'] = 0;
$addon_conf['itemsets']['multilanguage'] = 1;
in the conf.php

05/07/2006: Updated english pvp-sets
12/07/2006: Localized item-headers
13/07/2006: Localized menu and tier-dropdown
13/07/2006: Added alternate setitems for french version (thx to Ansgar)
21/07/2006: Fixed typo in enUS localisation
21/07/2006: Updated deDE localisation
28/07/2006: Fixed shaman typo in enUS
29/07/2006: Fixed typo in deDE localisation
29/08/2006: Updated de and fr localisations
22/10/2006: Updated de and fr localisations
21/05/2007: Added WoW:TBC support (thx to Bellanca)
21/05/2007: Added deDE localisations (thx to tweetor & daddelkopp)
08/07/2007: Added tier 5, arena 1 & 2 rewards & updated some localizations
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