Need Help Error Uploading

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Need Help Error Uploading

Postby Tian » Tue Jul 03, 2007 6:41 pm

everytime i try to upload i get this meesage

Error while parsing CharacterProfiler after 0 seconds

one of my guild members who is designing the website and is admin can upload his no problem, so he tried to upload other characters.

he has logged in with 3 different accounts from his pc and the result 2 of them uploaded but mine still wouldn't upload from his which has been successful with 2 others.

any suggestions?
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Need Help Error Uploading

Postby tuigii » Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:30 pm

What is your CP file size ?
How many char's are living in it ?

If you know how to handle a text editor - open CP.Lua (CharacterProfiler.lua, that lives in your *WOWDIR*\WTF\Account\ACCOUNT_NAME\SavedVariables directory).
Remove 'personal info', like these thousands of gold and other sensitive private mail info - save back - post (attach) here so we analyze it.
(Throwing it in our own rosters, feading it to a XML parser, and other ugly things).

You could also delete the CP file - Start WoW, and select your Guilded char - do the sac / bank / social / skills dance, stop WoW. Upload this single char (so it must be small) CP file
If it isn't accepted - open it up - there must be something strange in it

I tend to say :
Size problem ?!
File wrongly formated ?!
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