Roster Connection error

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Roster Connection error

Postby mewhywhy » Wed Jul 04, 2007 7:27 am

Heya guys.
Im kinda new to this all ive ever done with Mysql and website is setting up a mu online private server with website

ANYWAYS ive got an question evrytime i fill out my roster it gives me a conenction error PLease see the screenshots below.

THis one shows the error

This one shows the Details i filled in

This one shows Mysql server database

I use a router atm i have port 80 open (mostly used for a website)
For the rest i use EasyPHP1-8
thats about it :)

Thank you for your time and help.

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Roster Connection error

Postby zanix » Wed Jul 04, 2007 7:56 am

Roster requires mysql, not mssql

And you posted in the wrong forum, please read the Forum Rules
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Re: Roster Connection error

Postby tuigii » Wed Jul 04, 2007 3:01 pm

mewhywhy wrote:This one shows Mysql server database
[ [url=] ][/URL]
For the rest i use EasyPHP1-8

When you read the manual of "EasyPHP1-8", you'll note ONE very important thing :
It's a Windows package with an Apache Webserver, MySQL, Phpmyadmin and a tools to administer this all.
For security reasons, EasyPHP1-8 will expose its server functions only to port, or local host. If memory serves me well, I had to change the MySQL INI setting so that it accepts also requests from the IP of the web server (LAN IP) – It’s was the same IP because same PC. Localhost only was to restrictive.
This means that you had to modify the web server settings so you could consult it from another PC in your LAN, or even the world (from behind your router) for that matter.
I used EasyPHP when I started for the first time building WoW forums and Roster, and it worked just great. Had to abandon because the 4 chanal TS , the 4 rosters ans 4 CSM's started to eat all my bandwidth away (yet more then 20 Mb up).
Finally: I stopped using these “home build systems” (running from my work). For a mere 15 dollars a year, I could have a ‘real web server’, a domain name, plenty of mails and the lot.
Have to say that I learned a lot from EasyPHP.

Why you want to use MSSQL instead of the available MySQL isn't clear to me. Wana know how MSSQL works and if it's compatible with MySQL => go Microsoft: you're definitely not on the right forum right now.

mewhywhy wrote:I use a router atm i have port 80 open (mostly used for a website)

That’s all you need.
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Roster Connection error

Postby mewhywhy » Fri Jul 06, 2007 8:06 am

heh well i figured out FINNALY how to get the baby up etc im using mssql now but for some reason (i use NO-IP) the site name is while it shut be my No-IP ( and other ppl cannot see it when its but onyl when its hosted on my no-ip anyone knows whats wrong?

Thanks :)
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Roster Connection error

Postby tuigii » Fri Jul 13, 2007 5:15 am

Found your PM - and as an exception I will reply, because your question has nothing to do with WoWRoster what so ever.

When your baby is up and running you could say "I'm happy now" but the biggest goal is and rests: How can everybody use (reach ?!) it ...?

You have to set up a couple of things:
1) Everybody have to know where you server lives.
That can be as simple as sending everybody (whom it may concern) your WAN ip. It's as simple as that. And it just works without any hassle.
But: Many internet connections haven't a fixed IP: it changes all the time.
So :
2) Use a DynDNS service to make something work so that NO-IP knows that "" point to your WAN-IP (which, of course, isn't - this is a so called non-routable IP - only visible on YOUR local PC and it means something like "address myself").
Please note that you have to have program, a service installed on one of your local LAN PC'(s) (your internet WAN device might offers this functionality also) that test permanently your WAN IP - and informs NO-IP when it changes. Like this, your WAN-IP always point to you - or, to be more exact: to your PC that hosts your server (could be any server type) - in your case a simple web server.
Your not there yet, because:
3) You have to inform your gateway/router/cable moden/adsl modem [pppoa mode] (I omitted many terms here) that incoming connections should be routed / translated to the internal LAN IP, like x.x.x.x:80 => : your WoWRoster server.
This implies two thing : your firewall should accept connection coming in on port 80 on your WAN IP and your NAT (=Network address translator) should 'translate' incoming connection on port 80 (the http 'web' port !) to, port 80 - that where your server is living.
Be clever and understand that if your PC has also a firewall (as XP has) it should be informed also to let in connection on port 80.
Now the interesting part : we are in 2007 and 'drilling holes in a SOHO network/internet setup is being handled by all the kids on this planet already. That why all this P2P activity exists on the net : they had to open up their firewalls on a similar way. The how? Simple, but every type of connection and every type of appliances uses its own interface and techniques.
Basically, it boils down on what I said just before. Even if you have a PIX 420, or a simple Linksys Cable modem : the procedure is always the same.
You have to understand and apply this action, otherwise no home server what so ever will ever be used by other 'from the net'.

The foot notes:
1) Why on earth are you bothering yourself with these kinds of setups?
rent a complete web server for a mere 10 box a yaer. ou'll be having your "www.mean-and-lean-guild dot com", a couple of emails along with it, your SQL data base running - nearly no maintenance - a nearly 100 % uptime (your is down right now !)
Only a dev could use a home setup like this for testing purposes. Resetting, and upload an entire WoWRoster site, a complete Guild CMS and other gadgets are often dozens of megabytes, and FTP is fast, but not that fast. A local hard disk drag an copy to install an entire site in on snap is easier in that special case.
2) Security: let's face it: on of our PC's is exposed on the internet on port 80. One should never do so - AND I SHOULD WRITE THIS IN CAPS IF YOUR RUNNING AN MS OS. Because you just don't control your system the way it should be controlled. Scipt kiddys will do so, and rather sooner then later. This item could be less important if you’re running your server on a DMZ, but then you wouldn't have asked the question above. You would already be network minded....
3) Some ISP just BLOCK port 80 - (port 110, port 21, 25, 443 etc) so please read the contract [reading makes people wiser].

Note also that you said that you could contact your own PC from the IP. There is one more IP that can be used : the LAN IP like or!!
Try that out - it must be working also - otherwise, check the setup of your web server (INI files or what so ever). If this is a no-go, then make this work first.

Buy your self an USP - and when it's up, don't touch it any more.
All my servers don't have any keyboard, no screen, no mouse, no nothing.
They have: a power supply cable and a network connection cable. Period.
This rule is important if you want that your server well be used by others: it should be UP all the time (and 99,998 is a bear minimum as an up time).
Why: patience for a dead internet link has come down to 1 second in 2007. People go else where if they receive a "Internet Explorer can't show this page" error. And they won't be coming back.
[Except if your popular, but, if that's the case, you REALLY don't wana run a home server, and you would know why!!).

Still convinced? Ok, let’s do it – make it work.
And while you’re at it, install a TS server, a CMS, and so on ….
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