How Shopping Works/Flows

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How Shopping Works/Flows

Postby Rihlsul » Wed Jul 19, 2006 7:57 pm

I was confused by how this all worked at first, so maybe this will help people use it.

Shopping from A to Z (Hannah, definitely reply if I have this wrong):

1) You go to the Shopping Add-on in Roster
2) Locate items that you want, pressing the 'Add to Cart' icon
3) When done shopping, you View Cart.
4) Select who you're ordering from
5) Select who it should be delivered to (very important)
6) Place Order
7) Launch WoW (presuming UniUploader downloads data as per the Instructions PDF file BEFORE WoW launches)
8) Login with the "Delivered To" character
9) Open your Shopping window. It will ask if you want to 'Send' or 'Show Cart'. (If you click 'Show Cart', this should contain all your orders that are going to be mailed to the "Produced By" people. Close and reopen to get asked if you want to Send again.)
10) Click Send. This queues your orders to be sent when you get to a mailbox.
11) Open a mailbox and wait while the orders are sent.
12) The characters you selected to be the "Produced By" will receive in-game mails with what you requested.

Hope that helps!
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How Shopping Works/Flows

Postby Hannah » Wed Jul 19, 2006 8:10 pm

Very good, erverything´s ok!

You mentioned point 5 as very important, and yes it is, cause if you choose
a different person than your own character your order will never show up
on startup...

As i mentioned in another post:
Shopping looks up on startup "Who is logged in?" and "Are there orders for the logged in person/char ?"... If so show window, else nothing happens :)

Thx for the good Tutorial :)
I think i´ll integrate you´rs into zip and wiki (no yet complete)
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