Realm Status block causes SQL errors

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Realm Status block causes SQL errors

Postby petrakid » Wed Jul 11, 2007 5:51 am

I found a post with a block for Realm Status (shows the same realm status info as wowrosterDF). I added the block, and it works fine. However, I constantly get this email from the server

On /index.php?name=WoWRosterDF&file=realmstatus
While executing query "SELECT g.group_id, g.group_name, g.group_single_user FROM cms_bbgroups AS g INNER JOIN cms_bbuser_group AS ug ON (ug.group_id=g.group_id AND ug.user_id=3 AND ug.user_pending=0)"

the following error occured: Lost connection to MySQL server during query

In: /home/content/l/o/h/lohdbadmin/html/includes/classes/cpg_member.php on line: 88

I don't know if this is directly caused because of this block, or because of something else. I DO NOT use the standard forums that came with DF, but have installed ForumsPro2. I don't quite understand why DF still queries the cms_bbs* tables, but then I'm no DF expert. Here is the code I used in the block to create the realm status info:

Code: Select all
<div align="center"><A HREF="">
<img src="/index.php?name=WoWRosterDF&file=realmstatus" border="0" alt="Hellscream Status"/></A></div>

Could someone please tell me what might be causing this SQL error to occur? It doesn't seem to be effecting my site, I just get this massive list of emails throughout the day.

(hope this is the right place to post this)
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