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A little cleaner

Postby jarland » Sat Jul 14, 2007 9:08 pm

I'm wondering if maybe you guys know of something I've overlooked. I want to be able to display certain pages of the wowroster script for my guildies to look at, but obviously the interface is a tad overwhelming if they're not exactly the geeky types (I know, non-geeky wow players? Surprised me too). I would love to be able to call, let's say, the professions page from another script and display just the important information (basically cutting out everything above & below the actual profession information).
Now, obviously, I could simply edit the style of the page, but what I have now works great as sort of a back-end. I just need a good front end for it. Has someone designed a sort of solution for this or should I just get crackin' on my own? I hate web design with a passion, which is why I'm looking for an easy way out.
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