Track raids, bosskills, loot with the ct_raidtracker enhanced WoW Addon

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Postby PoloDude » Thu Jul 20, 2006 4:26 am

RaidTracker - roster 1.7.3 addon - Version: 1.2.1

With this addon you'll be able to track raids, bosskills, loot
All depended on RaidTracker MLdkp WoW Addon :grin:

This will not work with the normal CT_RaidTracker addon!

This is not a replacement for any excisting dkp-systems.
As for now this is ment to be an alternative for ppl that use an other method then dkp, like the SuicideKings Methode or any other variant of that.

Important! You have to upload both CP.lua and CTRT.lua in order to make it update!

Example RaidTracker

Download RaidTracker

Download ItemStats

Quick Install Instructions

Supported features:
Bosskills BC
Raid Admin

Open for requests :grin:

04/08/2006: First Release
05/08/2006: Updated some code
06/08/2006: Fixed some errors due not escaping some strings correctly
13/08/2006: Rewrote file-processing from scratch
13/08/2006: Added some tweaks and RaidAttendance
29/08/2006: Moved some code to avoid conflicts with
29/08/2006: (Hopefully) Fixed strange characters for DE and FR items
31/08/2006: Fixed problem when uploading
19/09/2006: Replaced itemstats with localized itemstats
21/09/2006: Forgot to mention i made some changes after latest update, some typos
13/06/2007: Updated with changes Niavlys made
13/06/2007: Cleaned up some functions and code
15/06/2007: Fixed typo in classicon function
15/06/2007: Added function to display lootcount on raidlist
08/07/2007: Fixed stuff, added instances & recoded raidadmin
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