Invalid query result passed

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Invalid query result passed

Postby Hanger84 » Mon Aug 20, 2007 1:27 pm

Initially, I had problems with the functions.general with line 31, but I fixed that int he config file, but now im getting this..

Invalid query result passed
Backtrace (most recent call last):

* File: /hosted/subs/
o line 248
o function called: backtrace
* File: /hosted/subs/
o line 196
o function called: die_quietly
o args: Invalid query result passed, Roster DB Layer
* File: /hosted/subs/
o line 29
o function called: num_rows
o args:
* File: /hosted/subs/
o line 95
o function called: include_once
o args: /hosted/subs/

If this is a double post where someone had the same problem, please le me know and where I can find out how to fix it.

Between this and phpbb, I've beaten my head againt the wall so much, I'm down to a bloody stump. So, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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