Installation issues with WoWRoster


Postby hawkice » Thu Aug 23, 2007 1:27 pm

having a problem with this can get it to work

Database Type: help what here
Default Locale: help what here
Database host: help what here
Database name: help what here
Database username: i got this
Database password: and this
Prefix for Roster DB tables:
Roster URL Path:
Main Site URL:

cant get past this

please help
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Re: install

Postby Sealclubber » Thu Aug 23, 2007 2:05 pm


You need a MySQLDatabase..... So login to your Webserver/Webspace, create one and put the things into the Installstep........
Every MySQLDatabase has a Name,Username and a Passwort.
That´s it :-)

If u know your MysqlDatabaseUser already and your MysqldatabasePass u should be able to find your databasename and your databasehostadress

prefix: The installtion will create Tables in your Database. If you chose
wow_ as the prefix, all tablenames will be begin with the prefix.

RosterPath: Leave it emtpy

Main Site URL: Put the URL to your roster here. Here is my Example:

Is it your own Webserver or do u use a provider (Hire webspace for example?) And if u r a beginner u should not try out the beta version. Try
the stable 1.7.3 Version or i think u will be unlucky...
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