Please help me for roster pls

Installation issues with WoWRoster

Please help me for roster pls

Postby morfeus » Wed Oct 03, 2007 5:23 pm

Good morning everyone first please forgive my English I'm french so maybe I won't explain myself very clearly,here is the point :

I received help from a friend to install a few monthes ago the Roster in my forum,my phpmyadmin,everywhere basicaly because I have no idea what's all that is ,everything was fine until I decided myself ( big mistake) to update the Roster for the 2.0 version so I deleted the roster from my ftp then I upladed the 2.0 version (as a new fresh one) ,at this point I had a white page so I decided to put back the 1.7.3 version and since this time there 's no way for me to pass trought the installation pages ,it asks me for this and I don't know what it is :

"Installation Notes

Roster Installer has scanned your server and determined that it meets the requirements

The conf.php file does not exist and could not be created in Roster's root folder.
Although not critical, you should create this file and enable write access before proceeding.
If conf.php is not writable, you will be promtped to download this file, then upload it to your server.

and after this page I have that:

Database Type:
Default Locale:
Database host:
Database name:
Database username:
Database password:
Prefix for Roster DB tables:
Roster URL Path:
Main Site URL: but I d'ont remenber anymore all theses informations

please give me a help ,all my guild membres are keeping asking where the hell went the Roster we had before :)

could somebody get into my roster configuration panel and change my logins in order for me to find the roster again here's my msn address in case

thanks for reading and for your help in advance :)
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Please help me for roster pls

Postby zanix » Thu Oct 04, 2007 2:05 am

The information that you need can be accessed form your web host in their control panel
I would contact them for help on this issue
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Re: Please help me for roster pls

Postby tuigii » Thu Oct 04, 2007 3:05 am

morfeus wrote:Prefix for Roster DB tables:

I propose roster_173_, you'll get the picture afterwards :wink:

Je propose roster_173_, tu comprendra plus tard pourquoi :wink:
Le prefix est un choix 'libre', "abcdef" fera l'affaire aussi.

Sache que t'a accès avec FTP déjà. Si tu a un forum, il y aura certainement un fichier dans son répertoire qui a exactement le même rôle que conf.php : tous ce que tu cherche est la de dans :!: (cfqd : les codes d'accès et tout les paramètres pour acceder à ton base des données mySQL)

Egalement, ton logiciel ftp DOIT te proposer un commande nommé CHMOD pour modifier les 'droits' de ce fichier (répertoire).
Met du '755' pour les répertoires concernées.

CHMOD : voir et changer les droit d'utilisateur d'un fichier ou répertoire - go Google pour comprendre (c'est du technique de plus de 40 ans, donc simple en 2007 :wink: ).
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