Better Integration Requested

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Better Integration Requested

Postby djacklock » Sat Oct 13, 2007 5:04 am

Or Possibly Clarified...

I am currently running Roster 2.0 Beta, along with Armorsync ... Aside from the current known issue of the Item Parser not working properly, everything else for characters auto udated (Rep, skills, talents) appears to be fine, Yet Key BC doesn't detect the appropriate Faction levels for characters that were updated via Amorysync, it works fine for characters that were updated manually however.

So is this still a Parsing Error with Roster 2.0 Beta / Armorsync ? Or is this something that needs to be corrected within Key BC ??

Rep levels are Rep levels , and I would think that regardless of how they are being updated, manually or armorsynced that they would still be stored in the data base in the same manner, and thus Key BC would be able to read the data.
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