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Postby Coco_Avignon » Thu Oct 18, 2007 1:16 am


i am setting up my new guild page on a webspace from
At this webspace the safe mode is deactivated.
Is it still a general problem to get missing recipe work with an german roster ??

If I choose a character an a profession i get following error message:
Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in /www/htdocs/w0091371/roster/addons/missingrecipe/missing.php on line 62

Sorry, this character does not know that profession, or knows no recipes at all.

But I would really love to get this addon work with my roster.
I already searched the forum here, but I am not sure what to try.

Could somebody please give me an advice, because the german forum of the roster addons is not accessable anymore.

Thanks in advance

this is my rosteraddress
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Re: German Version

Postby Nefuh » Sat Oct 20, 2007 9:34 pm

Hello Coco_Avignon,

first sry that the German Community Forum ist still down. Looks like that Luciver the Admin of the German Community Forum, will transfer to a new server, because of Problems with the old hoster.

So now to your Problem:

Looks like that the Addon Missing Recipes use CUrl to get information. But because of the Open_basedir restriction of your Webhoster it is not possible. This restriction is, as far as I know, that you can not access folders under the URL set in this Option (Open_Basedir). In the next days I will look, what the Addon want to do and what options will be there to get it work for you.


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