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Ideas? Anyone?

Postby Kruskk » Mon Oct 22, 2007 12:39 am

Since the wrap plugin is only "OK" for things, any chance on seeing more use and integration with e107. We tried using REM and I think we can now say we have "cleansed" ourselves from that bad mistake.

I would like to see if anyone could come up with the following to integrate WoWRoster & E107:

User Classes to see who is allowed to upload new data. As well as user classes to see who can see certain parts of the roster (ex guests can only see the list, members can see list and toons info..etc..)

Player to User defining, meaning a character can be "bound" to a user and allow updating of that character or set of toons only under that user.

Something more to work with rather than the "wrap" plugin so we don't have to "manually" change the size of the roster each time we add more toons or have it so big that it leaves and eye-sore of blank space.

Menu blocks for updating or listing a list of stats from your/other toons.

Forum intigration to work with the AV/SIG so a person can set to use the roster one or a custom AV/SIG.

Now, yes, I would code these things myself if I had the knowledge and ability to do so. Any help from others out there that want to get started with a real e107 project and WoWRoster??
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