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Postby Tayluca » Sun Nov 04, 2007 12:06 am

A few days ago I posted this thread on the DF forums . I was hoping to have all the necessary info gathered before beginning the transition to DF to with the ultimate goal to be able to use the WRDF mods/tools. I'm used to working with CMSs such as Xoops/Joomla, etc and the support on their sites is usually pretty quick so I know I'm just spoiled but I've yet to get a response on the DF forums. I know this is off-topic on this particular forum but I also know there are many knowledgeable individuals here that work with DF so I thought I'd risk a cross-post in the hopes that someone here might be able to assist me.

If there's anyone here that can answer my questions regarding my OP, I would really appreciate it as my time is limited (i know, who's isnt', lol) and I'd really like to get started as soon as possible. If not, I appreciate the opportunity to post my request and hope I haven't committed too much blasphemy by posting an off-topic post.
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