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Rank Integration

Postby scapegoat » Tue Jul 25, 2006 2:33 am

It looks like this has come up in a few other posts regarding phpbb, but I wanted to drop it here as well; I beg your pardon if it has been covered already and I missed it.

I am currently running phpnuke 7.9 for my site backend, and have a nuked version of Roster 1.7, phpRaid 3.0x and of EQDKP 1.3.1 running pretty smoothly with it.

Between here and the eqdkp forums, I was able to set up some sync features that add all the Roster characters to EQDKP, and also sync up the ranks.

For nuke, I require that all users register for the site/forums with the name of their main character in WoW, so that they are easy to keep track of; so theortically, all of the names in phpnuke should be identical to the ones in eqdkp and Roster (though those systems will have additional names, due to alts and people not registered on the website and such).

Part of phpnuke is the phpbb that is built in, which has its own ranking system; either based on number of posts, or 'special ranks' that you can assign individually. I have created ranks there that match our guild ranks, so that we can easily view on the forums who is an officer, who is new recriut, etc. The problem is, I have to go and update these nuke/bb ranks manually for each individual, every time they change rank in game; which sucks.

Is there a way to get the roster ranks synced up with the nuke/bb forums? if it could actually create the rank titles based off Roster, and assign them correctly also, that would be fantastic, but it would be just as good if I created the ranks in nuke/bb manually, but then was able to sync their assignment.

Any help, clues, links, etc, would be greatly appreciated!

Sidebar: I would also like to have ranks included/synced with phpRaid, but there currently is not any kind of rank information in that package at all. Obviously, I will peruse their forums as well, but if any of you have any insight, that't be swell =)
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Re: Rank Integration

Postby Toros » Fri Aug 20, 2010 11:09 pm

This is exactly my current issue with the bb ranks. If anyone knows some code to throw into roster that can automatically update the phpbb ranks, I would greatly appreciate it !!

(Currently running Nuke 8.0)


Roster is under Menu => Memberlist => External Roster (For now)
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