Been gone for a while.

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Been gone for a while.

Postby Elethil » Thu Nov 22, 2007 9:57 am

Hey guy's. I've been gone for quite a while. Last time I was here is when the armory just came out. I believe there was a version of roster coming out named R2 that was suppose to sync off of the armory so manual updating would no longer be nessesary. I see on the project boards that roster2 is coming soon and there is a R3 version.

My question is are the current versions of roster coming with built in armory syncing abilities? I believe there is an addon called armory sync but I just remember back then everyone saying that the next ver of roster would have it built in.

Thanks in advance!
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Been gone for a while.

Postby zanix » Thu Nov 22, 2007 10:25 am

Welcome back

2.0 does not have the ability to sync with the armory
But it does have a library for getting armory data and armory sync for 2.0 uses this library
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