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Ajax Feedback

Postby poetter » Sat Nov 24, 2007 7:25 am


I would like to know who is using ajax or if not what kind of problem you have using ajax. Any info can help. (browser, errormessage, debug data).
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Ajax Feedback

Postby vblars » Sun Nov 25, 2007 6:11 am

Hi poetter I do get an error when I'm using ajax with ArmorySync.
I'm using FireFox
WoWRoster v1.9.9.1474
ArmorySync v2.6.0.287.
The AS does nothing after showing the guild and starts to update and then it stops with an error from FF : "Error: uncaught exception: No access to XMLHttpRequest.open" I can't see any debug error even though I've set debug on ajax.
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