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PvPLog 2.4.8

Postby bsmorgan » Fri Dec 14, 2007 4:28 am

PvPLog 2.4.8 has been released.

Neither 2.4.6 nor 2.4.7 really fixed the display of a message on a channel. This version should really fix it. There is a side-effect of this fix, however. More than one "named" channel in the notifyKills or notifyDeath list(s) will initially lose messages as I can only join one channel per message. It will catch up eventually. You can manually "/join" all the channels first to avoid this. The use of more than one named channel should be rare. Personally, I use "3,guildpvp" to report to both the localDefense channel and to a channel my guild setup for PvP activity (used to report to just guild chat but they complained).

Additional fields were added to the statistics frames (when the data was available). A Targets tab was added to the statistics frame containing the targetRecords in targetList order. Sometimes you want to know not only who killed you or who you killed, but everyone else that was involved in the fight. As long as you targeted all of them, they will appear at the top of this list. Note that when you click on the minimap button to display the frame, NONE of the tabs are selected and the frame is blank. Click on a tab to display that data.

The new field names could be localized (with a little help from you). Reply here with any changes you'd like to see in your own language (See localization.lua for what to change).


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