WritCalculator V1.1 Released

Helps with Argent Dawn's "Craftsman's Writ" quests

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WritCalculator V1.1 Released

Postby Rihlsul » Wed Jul 26, 2006 12:15 am

Download available: http://wowroster.net/Downloads/details/id=36.html

7/25/2006 - Version 1.1

Bug Fixes:

* Fix the stripos call for non-php5 users
* Fix the "Made By" link to users


* Cope with double recipe items (not MY bug in a way, but this code should deal with it)
* The fish writs shouldn't be looking for recipies, which confuses it.
* Rework 'writArray' to be multi-lingual (duh)
* Tooltips on column headers for results

Translation Status:

* Partially completed. Still looking for Writ, Item and Tooltip translations as of this version.
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