Is there a curl / allow_url_fopen workaround?

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Is there a curl / allow_url_fopen workaround?

Postby knappster » Fri Jan 04, 2008 3:10 pm

I moved to a different server and I believe curl and allow_url_fopen are both disabled. I can view the raid list with no problem but if I click on any of the raidtracker links, I get a pretty bare white screen that says:
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Could not check version information

   Loot History    
Raid Tracker   Loot History   Boss Progress   Boss Progress BC   Raid Attendance   Summary   Raid Admin

   Epic Loot    
cURL isn't installed and 'allow_url_fopen' isn't set.

Does raidtracker require either curl of allow_url_fopen to be enabled for it to work?
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