The Last Zone field is not updated

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The Last Zone field is not updated

Postby fjouanny » Wed Jan 23, 2008 12:28 am

Hello there !

Just finishing to install and configure WoWRoster... Nice job, thanks for us.

But I have a problem with the "Last Zone" field. I'm using the French (so: Dernière Zone).

I verify in the CharacterProfiler.lua file:
["Hearth"] = "Forgefer",
["Zone"] = "Cité de Forgefer"
And I update the file directly on the WebSite (Mise à jour du profil), and in the main page of the roster, the last zone field say: "Hurlevent", in fact the "n-1" zone I visited...

Any idea ? May be a problem of localization (accents) ?

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