Main-Alt-Relation-Problems for multiple Account-Users

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Main-Alt-Relation-Problems for multiple Account-Users

Postby Holgiranemsi » Mon Jan 28, 2008 1:54 am

Hi folks,
we installed 1.9.9 beta and we like it very much. But there is one problem we could not solve so far.

There are Users in our guild which have more than one WoW-Account.
Their Chars are named with "Main" for the Main (per Player not per Account) and all other Chars are "alt_xxxxx" while even xxxxx is the Main-Name.

Uploading the data using the webpage dialougue or Uniuploader results in the fact that both accounts are splittet in the Roster. If I then go into the config-screen and aktively press "Update Main-/Alt-Relation" in the Memberslist the result is how we wanted it: 1 Main having several Alts (which live on more than one WoW-Account but that does not bother the Roster).

So my question is now: What could we do (or has to be changed) that the Upload-Routine does the SAME Main-/Alt-Analysis as the function in the Memberlist does? It looks that there are differences cause on one way there is a split between accounts.

It seems that the relation analysis coming with the upload takes care of finding the main/alts in seperate files while the memberlist does not care.

Hopefully I was able to describe the problem, not easy to do it in english

Account (A) (Relation-Notice in Brackets)
-Char A1 (Main)
-Char A2 (alt_A1)
-Char A3 (alt_A1)

Account (B)
- Char B1 (alt_A1)
- Char B2 (alt_A1)

After using Uniuploader it looks like that:
and seperately...

Pressing "Update Relations" in Memberslist it changes to (what we want):

Thanks a lot for any hint what could be done to solve this issue!

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Main-Alt-Relation-Problems for multiple Account-Users

Postby PleegWat » Mon Jan 28, 2008 2:53 am


I think you want to turn character upload detection off (and clear the table to apply that)
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