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PvPLog 2.5.1

Postby bsmorgan » Thu Jan 31, 2008 7:31 am

PvPLog 2.5.1 is available for download.

As noted in the PvPLog too big topic, WoWRoster can have problems when the PvPLog.lua savedvariables file gets too large.

The savedvariables file contains two arrays for each character/realm, a PvPLogData array and a PurgeLogData array. The PvPLogData array contains contains configuration and a summary of your PvP activity. The PurgeLogData array contains detailed information for each kill and death including level and timestamp information.

WoWRoster only parses the PurgeLogData array and it keeps track of records it has seen before so it doesn't have to load them into the database again. Because of this, data previously uploaded to WoWRoster could be removed from the savedvariables file (from WoWRoster's perspective) but from PvPLog's perspective, there's still valuable information in those records.

This release of PvPLog will move some of that valuable information from PurgeLogData to PvPLogData and will add that information to PvPLogData in the future. The movement of data is not completely automatic. Once for each player, you must open the PvPLog statistics, click on both the PvP and the Duel tabs and page through each one using next until you get to the end (i.e. click the PvP tab and then the next button until the screen doesn't change, click the Duel tab and then the next button until the screen doesn't change).

Once the above has been done, a new command, "/pl keep N" where N is a number will keep the N most recent records and remove all the rest from PurgeLogData. PvPLog reports how many records are stored for each character when you log in, and you can also use the "/pl stats" command to figure it out at anytime. The number of records is the sum of Total wins + Total losses.

The statistics are currently calculated by PvPLog using the PurgeLogData because that's the only place level information is valid (i.e. you may have an ongoing long term relationship with another player while you were both leveling. Over time both your level and their level were changing but at each encounter, the level difference was calulated and stored). When you delete the oldest PurgeLogData, these statistics will change. I expect to add some additional (different) statistics based on PvPLogData in a future release.

What does this mean? If you don't have to remove data from the PvPLog savedvariables, then don't. If PvPLog data doesn't upload to WoWRoster, then you'll need to do something, and PvPLog provides a way to prune your data. Statistics calculated by WoWRoster will cover the complete set of uploaded data, so they will still be accurate even if you remove data from your savedvariables file.

If you've never uploaded data to WoWRoster and the first time you try it fails, then you will need to do something manually.

If you have any questions or problems, please post them in this forum.


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