SQL To Export All Bank and Character Items?

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SQL To Export All Bank and Character Items?

Postby Rustyd » Fri Feb 01, 2008 7:04 pm

I have a Druid which needs at least 2 or more complete outfits.
I'm wondering how to go about using an SQL statement to simply list or export all of my Inventory and Bank items so I can see them all side by side for comparison?

So, in essence,
Select * from <what?> WHERE Character="Mine" Sort Asc

I've tried but I simply don't understand all of the tables to make this work.

Thank you in Advance.

Using RC2


This sorta works (now if I could only get the links to Thottbot. I'd be in business!:

SELECT `cms_wowrosterdf_roster_members`.`name` , `cms_wowrosterdf_roster_items` . *
FROM cms_wowrosterdf_roster_members, cms_wowrosterdf_roster_items
`cms_wowrosterdf_roster_members`.`name` = 'MyName'
ORDER BY `cms_wowrosterdf_roster_members`.`name` ASC
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