SVN acces (separted thread)

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SVN acces (separted thread)

Postby tuigii » Fri Feb 22, 2008 3:52 pm

Blueleaf wrote:
Subxero wrote:Go to SVN and download the last. (at top you have a tutorial)

ok guess I'm lost here, clicked link to WebSVN could not find anything for keys for roster 2
With some copy and pasting I took my latetst SVN from there ...
You have to go to Roster1=>Trunk=>addons=>keys, show your fill and copy/paste from your browser screen.
Be carefull to copy ONLY the code.

Blueleaf wrote:tried SVNergy also and developer areas are not accessible to me.
Sorry for being SVN illiterate but need further guildance

Overhere: its marked that dev acces is need if you want to WRITE to the SVN.
I think you don't want to do that.

SVN is a dev thing, meaning that for casual updating its not worth it to bite in all these manuals. But be asured, it works - as soon as you understood HOW.

Take note of this : ... t=SVN.html
and this : ... t=SVN.html
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