Last Online Time -- Broken

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Last Online Time -- Broken

Postby aseitz » Thu Mar 06, 2008 1:08 am

First of all, let me start my giving much love to ArmorySync... I could not imagine using roster without it -- in fact I tried. ;)

Now with props given, I can't seem to get my "Last Online Time" to update. It just says "1 year ago" for everyone listed in My Roster which is integrated in to My Website.

Is it broken currently, or is it just wowarmory's fault? Also I have a feature request.. Could the "mouse over" on ArmorySync icons have editable text -- because they read very similarly when your in a hurry ;)

The icons I refer to are the two main task icons (1 that syncs the guild members and 1 that syncs the guild members stats).

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