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WoW Roster General Thoughts

Postby Knightkittens » Thu Mar 06, 2008 6:02 am

Long Time user and I help where I can.

I have noticed Wow Roster 2.0 Project been at the same point of progress [Indicater for a long time] basicly at 95%
I know this doesn't mean much as there has been ton of work done

However the Stable Version,is not geting a lot of bug fix's and most mod others are only moding stuff for 2.0 or puting work into 1.9.9xxx 9I would say most active members are probably using 1.9.9 [even though its not encuraged for the main site]

If this is infact true and not my distorted view shouldnt we pull the plug on 1.7 and goahead and move into 1.9.9 or 2.0
if that is going to get the code workers effort anyway havent we reach time of life on 1.7?

I just think that 90% of the effert is now on the new code including the moders and there is growing confusuion with mods and fixs.

So I thought I would throw my 2 Cents in and suggest we bite the Bullet and goahead and move into the 1.9.9/2.0
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WoW Roster General Thoughts

Postby zanix » Thu Mar 06, 2008 7:24 am

You are completely right
I want 2.0 to be a full release as soon as possible
(The progress in the Projects module stays where it is because we are in beta)

There are only a few people directly working on the Roster code and we have a small (2 items) list of things that MUST be done before we move into other stages of development (Release Candidate)

Roster 2.0 is a drastic change in all aspects of the program, and is receiving a longer testing period than all past versions because of the changes

We tend to stick to the "it will be released when it's ready" ideology for product releases
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