Requesting items doesnt remove them from vault listing

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Requesting items doesnt remove them from vault listing

Postby IsaacQuotien » Fri Mar 21, 2008 11:25 pm

I just wanted to say that i really like the improvements you have made with this awesome plugin to wowroster!!

I am testing it out right now and i found that when i request a single item.....or say 20 netherweave (1 stack) when we have 4 stacks in the doesnt remove them from the vault.

I am not sure if it supposed to or not.....i am used to using the older guildbank request plugin and that was one of the cool aspects of that plugin.

If this one doesnt do that....i highly encourage you to add that feature as it really helps prevent duplicate or over-requesting something.

If it is supposed to do that...please help with how i can get it working.

Again....wonderfull addon......after the introduction of guild went back to a forum request process.....that i absolutely hate!!! Would love to back to using roster plugin to handle requests. the print report capability......mega cudos for including that....huge for makin a bankers job easier.

Thanks in advance for help with this.

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Requesting items doesnt remove them from vault listing

Postby Nefuh » Sun Mar 23, 2008 9:29 pm

Actually all requested items will not be removed from the bank.

Maybe i will add this optional in a next version.
But for the actual version it´s normal that the items will be displayed, even when someone requests this item.

I think when someone requests an item (and this item won´t be longer displayed in guildvault), but the member has not the right to get any item from the guildbank (maybe just for a few days in guild) no one other has a chance to request the item, until the banker (admin) delete the request.

So now, everybody could request a item, even when another member has requested the same. In this case the banker (admin) decided who get the item. With the next guildvault update, the item will be removed, when it´s taken from the guildbank.

The banker, could see all requests and can decide (by guildrules or something else) if a request is correct.

Normaly when updating the guildvault, it will also remove all requests from items that no longer exists in the guildbank.

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