Siggen, WoWRosterDF and UniUploader

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Siggen, WoWRosterDF and UniUploader

Postby Dinkie » Sun Mar 30, 2008 2:02 am


I have setup a guild site where I am using dragonflycms with WoWRosterDF and siggen. I want to be able to save images to the avatar folder so my guild members can pick them directly from the gallery.

Everything is working perfectly apart from UniUploader not being able to update / create the images. It will only work when using the manuel upload method provided.

I have applied the UniUploader fix in the siggen config. I also have "allow_url_fopen" enabled on the server.

The error that I get is: "- Could not save Signature: function readfile() failed"

I have tried to alter the trigger.php from:

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

But this didn't work either :( If I call the URL above directly from a browser it works like a charm.

I am really stuck here so hoping a kind programmer will be able to help me out and get this solved :)

WoWRosterDF v1.7.3.0
SigGen v0.2.6
UniUploader v.2.6.7

PS: I am able to update all other information on the roster from UU - just struggling with the siggen images.

Thanks in advance.
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