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UniAdmin - Can't follow all your postings

Postby raka » Fri Apr 25, 2008 1:11 pm


First, I want to excuse the curious heather- but all searches and exercises didnt't solved my asks. So I hope to post I with my own words and you can help me to found the rights (already shown) Topics or give me a short answer

1. UniAdmin
RETRDATAURL seems to be a Handshake between wow an Roster. I saw in the configs of other users a link to */web_to_wow.php but my install of UniAdmin has nothing like this

2. AceAddon
If I want to have a look into the Ace -Conifgs, I only get the error
Error 500 - Internal server error
The modul exists on my webspace- but nothing happens. I see a very big discussion about Ace- but I couldn't understand the finaly result of it. In the "readme" of UniAdmin 0.7.9 es written: "WAce addon list works again"

3. To Upload protected Data (only Offi or Admin) like Guild Data, there should be the passwort saved into UniAdmin / UniUpload. Is it correctly, if I save this intor the paramter ADDVARVAL2 and in ADDVARNAME2 only "passwort"

4. Do the Uniupload get the aktual Configuration from UniAdmin automatic, or have the users evertime to push the sync- button?

5. Witch Parameter Causes an automaticly Upload of the *lua fies after ending the game? What happens in cause of more than one accounts on the WTF folder?

Upps: I use
WoWRoster v1.9.9.1665
UniAdmin 0.7.9
UniUpload 2.6.7
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