2 errors: Member list and Character info

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2 errors: Member list and Character info

Postby Knownkiller » Mon May 19, 2008 12:42 am

Hello all,

I decided to install armorysync on my site today and unfortunately although I managed to set it up, I couldn't update it with my guild information.

First of all, it's impossible to update data for my Member List because I'm getting SQL errors all the time.

After some time I managed to update it using a workaround:

I changed the line 1690 of armorysyncjob.class.php to:

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isset ( $member['log'] ) ? $set .= "log=".'""'.", " : 1;

After that I managed to update it correctly but still I couldn't find which field of the db the

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points at. In the end, what is that log field? Is that the note message or a field for other logging purposes? Anyway this is the issue that mostly I would need help with.

The second error is that It's almost impossible to upgrade the members using AJAX. I get PHP script memory errors doesn't matter how much memory I give to php.ini for script execution. I managed to upgrade some members using AJAX but then after some time I got the error again.

The solution to that was to disable AJAX. Although is slower, it's more stable and it works all the time.

Because the attempts took place at my dev machine and not at the live site, I attached 4 images with the pop up errors as well as the debug mode errors.

Thanks in advance for your answers/replies.
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