For those not familiar with Karma

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For those not familiar with Karma

Postby Tcheekin » Thu May 29, 2008 12:50 am

I just wanted to say this is a great little mods supporting one of my favorite loot systems out there. I'm stilling waiting on a year old request for an ACE addon (or something more friendly then the current addon tracker) but I can't have everything.

For those that do not know of Ni Karma loot system, try checking it out. Granted not everyone likes its setup due to some randomness but for casual guilds, this is a great middle ground to appease those that want rewards for time put in and those that aren't really into the DKP economy.

Thanks again for this mod .. awaiting 2.0 version (since that is what we are currently running). I tried an initial setup on a test 1.9.3 server and it worked very well.
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Re: For those not familiar with Karma

Postby Tennessee » Mon Jun 02, 2008 10:51 am

thanks for posting this awile back it just pushed me to come up with the 2.0 ver. but many thanks goes out to zanix for getin the code set up and lowering the file size by 70% and the php error's i counld not think about tryin to fix in the code i probly still be rubbing my head.
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