Problem with memberlog

Logs changes to the guild member list when the guild list is updated
Integrated into WoWRoster v1.7.1 and later

Problem with memberlog

Postby Claudi » Sat Jul 29, 2006 6:14 pm

Notice: Undefined index: ml_memberlog in /home/voa-server_de/www/wow/roster/addons/memberlog/menu.php on line 24

Got this error after upload of the full pack, Roster is in german and after i searched a bit i got an idea.

Opened the language.php and there it was,

added this Code:
Code: Select all
$wordings['deDE']['ml_memberlog'] = "Member Log";
$wordings['deDE']['ml_name'] = "Name";
$wordings['deDE']['ml_type'] = "Type";
$wordings['deDE']['ml_date'] = "Datum";
$wordings['deDE']['ml_OLD'] = "Entfernt";
$wordings['deDE']['ml_NEW'] = "Zugefügt";
$wordings['deDE']['ml_OLD_style'] = "color:#DA0000;";
$wordings['deDE']['ml_NEW_style'] = "color:#00DA00;";

and it worked without this problem, but did not get an Char in with date ore some thing.

DB is also clear no entry made, Deleated an char out of the db and got him pack per update an nothing happend.

Some suggestions why?

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Problem with memberlog

Postby Averen » Sat Jul 29, 2006 6:53 pm

Ah thanks, I forgot to request a translation.

I'm not sure but did you put it in the right place? It should go in addons/memberlog/localization.php.

Hmm, I'm not sure why this would happen. When did you download/install the addon? There have been some changes to the installation files since it was first released 2 days ago.
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